RUI® Bags

We market Unique design bags with reasonable pricing, suitable for all ages and genders. Multi-purpose usage: for office work, sports, school, leisure etc.

   Shoulder Bag (12 x 10 x 4)

- Khaki (SB1201KI)

- Black/Blue (SB1201BU)

(for Adults-travelling, outing; for Students-holiday class, tuition class)

   Executive Bag (Medium) (14 x 10.5 x 5)

- Ivory (SB1403WT)

- Light Blue (SB1403SB)

- Black/Blue (SB1403BU)

- Black/Grey (SB1403GY)

(for busy Executives, Tertiary Students, Secondary Students etc.)

   Executive Bag (Large) (15 x 11 x 5)

- Ivory (SB1503WT)

- Black (SB1503BK)

(for Engineers, Architects, Auditors, Quantity Surveyors, busy Executives, Tertiary Students etc.)

   Backpack (12.5 x 18 x 6)

- Black (KB1802BK)

- Light Blue (KB1802SB)

(for Hikers, Campers, Travellers, Working Adults, Students etc.)

   Lady Waist Pouch (7 x 6 x 1.5)

- Ivory (WP1301WT)

- Black (WP1301BK)

(trendy design for Joggers, Brisk Walkers, Exercise Instructors, Shoppers, etc.)

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