AVIA Mobile Charger

If you are always on the move, this mobile kit will come in handy for you. You can recharge your cellphone via USB port (PC or laptop) or insert it into car cigarette adaptor point while driving.

   USB Mobile Phone Charger


   (charging while using PC or Laptop)

3.5 mm or 2.0 mm orifice

Color available: Black, Brown, Blue, Yellow

   2-in-1 Car cum USB Mobile Phone Charging Kit    (pack in gift box)



   Car-adaptor available in multi colours: black, blue, yellow, brown, transparent, etc

   USB coloured cable available with 3.5 mm & 2.0 mm orifice

    ** compatible with most Nokia handphones **

    ** comes with one year warranty **

    ** All the above items are available in bulk sales, individual PP bag packing into carton **

    ** The packaging can be customised according to requirement **

For more information, contact: bdm@acsimsg.com

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