ACTION Personal Safety Alarm

A mini device for personal protection and safety
(Ideal for travellers, hikers, joggers, un-accompanied ladies, disabled, elderly, body guard, night-shift workers, etc)



Search and Rescue

When helps or attention needed

Always be prepared to ACT

Basic Functions

Pull out the rip-cord for continuous alarm to scare assailants.

Press center button for Short-burst alarm to scare animals.

Press side button for flashlight when in darkness.

Set bobby trap to scare off intruders.

Additional Functions for Search and Rescue

Hiking, trekking or mountain climbing:
activate alarm to send out high-pitched sound in a regular interval to attract rescuers' attention.

Land-slide, caved-in or building collapsed:
activate alarm to signal and direct rescuers to one's exact location.


Model: ACS115


Amplitude of sound:
115dB +/- 10% within 0.5 meter distant

Batteries cycle:
Maximum 2 hours of continuous alarm (at 80dB or above)

Nett weight:
53g (two AAA batteries included)

Length dia: 3", width dia: 1.75"

** Warning **
** Do not activate alarm near to ear, it may cause ear impairment. **
** Keep out of reach for children below 8. **

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© Published on 18 June 2005